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This blog mainly concentrates on how to include double quotes in a string in Java, and how to remove double quotes from JSON string in Java. We can print quotes with strings by using the below-listed methods:-1. By using Unicode characters 2. By using an escape sequence 3. By using char. Program to Put Quotes in a String Java. Here, we are using escape characters to print the. Java Tutorial Java HOME Java Intro ... The char keyword is a data type that is used to store a single character. A char value must be surrounded by single quotes, like 'A' or 'c'. Related Pages. Read more about data types in our Java Data Types Tutorial. Java Keywords. NEW. We just launched W3Schools videos. Answer. When we use literal strings in Java, we use the quote (") character to indicate the beginning and ending of a string. For example, to declare a string called myString, we could this :-. But what if we wanted to include a quote (") character WITHIN the string. We can use the \ character to indicate that we want to include a special ....

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155 Java Community Process; 105 Java 25; 8K Embedded Technologies; 22.1K Java APIs; 138.1K Java Development Tools; 165.3K Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) 18 Java Essentials; 160 Java 8 Questions; 86K Java Programming; 80 Java Puzzle Ball; 65.1K New To Java; 1.7K Training / Learning / Certification; 13.8K Java HotSpot Virtual Machine; 94.3K. Answer: We can print the double quotes in 2 ways. Using backslash or escape character: To ignore the special meaning of double quotes in java, we can use backslash (\) character. Lets illustrate with example. Eg. System. Out. Println(“\” Welcome to Quora\””) ;.

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